Multi Family Homes

Did you think Modular building stops at Single Family? Ideal Homes specializes in small to large multi-family projects through Northern MN and WI. Our goal is to find our clients and investors a cost, time, and energy effective solution when it comes to multi-family projects.

Whether you are looking for the standard duplex or 100-unit complex, Ideal Homes can help design and develop projects to your needs.

Explore our Factory Partners

Dynamic Homes

Dynamic Homes has been making dreams come true since 1970. They are a premier systems-builder of custom homes located in Detroit Lakes, MN and have built more than 10,000 homes. Founded by a group of local builders, Dynamic’s mission is to build higher quality and higher value homes than a site-built homes. Dynamic’s systems-built construction process is more efficient and more affordable than site-built construction. Dynamic can build ramblers (ranches), split entries, split levels, two stories, chalets, multi-family homes, commercial properties; the possibilities are endless. You can choose from thousands of designs, options and amenities or completely design your home from scratch.