Modular Homes

What’s the difference between site built and modular?

A site built home is constructed over a period of many months on site, and therefore subject to all the weather elements to come. A modular home is built in a controlled factory environment and is engineered and built to the state or local building codes, just as a site built home is. The modules are then transported to the site and installed on permanent foundations. Modular homes are built with the efficiency and quality control you can only find in a factory environment. Quality engineering and modular construction significantly increases the efficiency of a modular home. Many new homes today are being “systems-built” to rival and often exceed the quality and investment of site-built homes.

With factory built, indoor construction prevents potential weather-related delays and damage. It typically also speeds the process, which may allow you to move in sooner! Ideal can complete excavation work and lay the foundation while your home is being built. After delivery, the professional crews from Ideal “button up” your home and complete the finishing work to your specifications.

So how do you get started? The sales staff at Ideal Homes assists each home buyer with selecting from thousands of floorplans and custom designs to fit your wants and needs! The best part about working with Ideal is not only the high-end home you get at the end of the process, but the most up-to-date construction software to keep you updated through every step!

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Explore our Factory Partners

Stratford Homes

Stratford Homes has been providing custom-built homes using modular construction techniques since 1973. During this time, they’ve helped transform endless ideas of that one perfect house for new homeowners into beautiful, new custom homes. They understand that the unique process of building a custom home should be a rewarding experience for every homeowner, and have had the privilege of being part of over 12,000 new homes for families who have opted for exceptional quality, energy efficiency, structural strength, and customization capabilities.

Dynamic Homes

Dynamic Homes has been making dreams come true since 1970. They are a premier systems-builder of custom homes located in Detroit Lakes, MN and have built more than 10,000 homes. Founded by a group of local builders, Dynamic’s mission is to build higher quality and higher value homes than a site-built homes. Dynamic’s systems-built construction process is more efficient and more affordable than site-built construction. Dynamic can build ramblers (ranches), split entries, split levels, two stories, chalets, multi-family homes, commercial properties; the possibilities are endless. You can choose from thousands of designs, options and amenities or completely design your home from scratch.

Modular Home Builder MN

Why you should go modular in the Northland:
If you're in the market for a new abode in the Twin Ports area, consider the benefits of a modular home. This style of housing is built off-site in a factory and then transported to the location for final placement and assembly. A method like this allows for greater precision and quality control, as well as faster
construction times. As the demand for eco-friendliness and energy-efficiency grows, so does the popularity of modular homes. There are many reasons to go modular when home building, and here's a few reasons why.

Tailored to your every need

A new modular home offers a sleek and modern design that is both practical and attractive, making it an ideal choice for those looking to invest in a new home. Modular homes usually boast wide windows that let in plenty of natural light, creating a cheerful and inviting atmosphere in the living areas. These homes are customizable and have many layout options to cater to different lifestyles and family sizes. Typically, they have open-concept designs, providing ample living space, but they can be made to suit your needs using thousands of custom floorplans. The materials and finishes used in the building of modular houses are of high quality, ensuring their longevity and sturdiness.