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Ideal Homes specializes in Modular Commercial construction partnering with Dynamic Homes to produce a high finished product for your business needs. Just like the residential modular construction, your project is built in a controlled environment to produce a high energy efficient, and time effective build. No matter the complexity of the project, Ideal Homes can find a solution that fits with your commercial wants and needs.

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Dynamic Homes

Dynamic Homes has been making dreams come true since 1970. They are a premier systems-builder of custom homes located in Detroit Lakes, MN and have built more than 10,000 homes. Founded by a group of local builders, Dynamic’s mission is to build higher quality and higher value homes than a site-built homes. Dynamic’s systems-built construction process is more efficient and more affordable than site-built construction. Dynamic can build ramblers (ranches), split entries, split levels, two stories, chalets, multi-family homes, commercial properties; the possibilities are endless. You can choose from thousands of designs, options and amenities or completely design your home from scratch.

The Unmatched Benefits of Modular Commercial Buildings

When it comes to commercial construction, time and budget are two crucial factors that can determine the success of a project. With the advent of modular construction, businesses now have an innovative and efficient solution to address these challenges. Commercial modular buildings offer numerous advantages over traditional construction methods, making them the smart choice for your next building project.

Quick and Efficient Modular Construction

One of the standout benefits of commercial modular construction is the speed of completion. In contrast to traditional methods, modular construction projects can be completed 30-50% quicker. This significant reduction in build times is largely due to the indoor construction process, which eliminates potential weather-related delays. Moreover, this method doesn't require the storage of materials on-site, further streamlining the construction timeline.

Modular Building: Cost-Efficient and Predictable Pricing

Modular construction also offers improved cost efficiency. Lower labor costs due to decreased build times contribute significantly to overall savings. Furthermore, modular construction presents enhanced predictability in pricing. The cost-effective components of commercial modular construction allow for better budgeting and financial planning.

Modular Commercial Building Systems with Flexible and Customizable Design

Beyond speed and cost, the flexibility of design and floor plan is another compelling advantage of modular construction. Each modular unit is highly customizable, providing a space-saving alternative to large-scale building projects. This adaptability makes modular buildings ideal for clients who need business flexibility, such as those looking to temporarily test a market.

Environmentally Friendly Building Experience

Commercial modular construction is not just beneficial for your budget and timeline; it's also kinder to the environment. As an accessible and environmentally-friendly way to create buildings, modular construction minimizes waste and promotes sustainable practices.

In conclusion, commercial modular buildings offer a host of advantages that make them a superior choice for your next building project. With faster construction times, cost-efficiency, design flexibility, and environmental sustainability, they truly represent the future of commercial construction.