Manufactured Homes

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If you're in the market for a manufactured or mobile home, whether new or used, there is a wide variety of options available. These types of housing can provide an affordable alternative to conventional options and could be customized to meet your unique requirements. Our team at Ideal Homes is ready to assist you throughout the entire process, whether you’re constructing your initial home or planning your next move. Don’t hesitate -
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What are Manufactured homes?

Manufactured homes are factory built homes engineered and constructed in accordance with the federal building code administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD code). HUD Code homes conform to all national codes and are lower cost per square foot than the modular IRC code homes. A manufactured home may be single or multi-sectional and are available in various sizes and floor plan configurations. Manufactured homes are constructed on a non-removable steel chassis with attached axles and wheels which are removed prior to set on your permanent foundation at your job site. For this reason, manufactured homes were once referred to as “mobile homes”. However, manufactured homes today are not the same as decades past. Many of the standard features offered with our homes were not even optional upgrades in the past. For example, 8′ sidewalls, 2×6 exterior walls, and steeper roof pitches, just to name a few. We are sure you will find that a manufactured home is just what you are looking for…a home that you and your family will be happy in for many years to come.

Ideal Homes has the highest standards for customer service and manufactured construction in the industry. Our experience and commitment to our homeowners speaks for itself in our quality of work.

Manufactured Homes

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MidCountry Homes

Built by Wisconsin craftsman, MidCountry Homes offer standard features going beyond industry standards and are built to exceed code. MidCountry Homes’ innovative designs, floorplan flexibility, build quality, and generous standard features establishes the Westlake Series of homes as the best housing value west of the lakes.

Manufactured Homes MN

Manufactured homes have become an increasingly attractive housing option in the Minnesota, and we are one of the leading companies providing affordable manufactured homes in Duluth and the surrounding areas. We are located in Barnum, Minnesota and serve the Twin Ports and surrounding areas. With the housing market in Minnesota becoming more competitive, manufactured homes offer a viable alternative for those looking for quality housing at an affordable price. The popularity of manufactured housing is on the rise as a practical and affordable alternative for those in the market for a new home, especially here in Minnesota. These homes can be fully custom to any of your construction wants and needs.

Manufactured Home Styles

Manufactured Homes are a popular option in MN for those who want to purchase a new home or upgrade their current one, without the added cost and hassle of traditional home building. Ideal Homes offer a wide variety of floorplans and can be customized to fit the specific needs of the buyer. Our homes are built in a controlled environment and assembled on site, allowing for a time and energy efficient build. In addition to the practical benefits, our sales team works with each homeowner from designing and budgeting, to move in day. Our goal at Ideal Homes is to make the home buying experience easy and affordable.

Modular or Manufactured home: Which is right for you?

When it comes to selecting the ideal type of housing to fit your needs, it ultimately boils down to whether you have a preference for a modular or mobile option. Both offer distinct
benefits, including the ability to customize and craft your dream home. However, when dealing with harsh winters, you should also consider the difference in insulation between
modular and mobile homes. Moreover, your budget will play a significant role in determining which alternative is the most viable since modular homes tend to be pricier upfront. Lastly, if you need flexibility, a mobile home may be an ideal choice since it can be effortlessly relocated. In conclusion, your decision should depend on your individual requirements and circumstances to ensure you make the best selection for your needs.